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NCIS Season 12 Episode 8

“Non faciat malum, ut inde veniat bonum – do not do evil in order that ¬†good may come.”

Ducky (Dr. Mallard)


I Will – Dedicated to Cote de Pablo

These past eight years

you have played a crucial role

in the lives of millions of fans

and your coworkers


we have watched you grow

on and off the screen

and we grew right along side you


eight years ago

I was a mere child

unsure of where I was going

we grew together

changed together

laughed and cried together

even though you’re worlds away

from a fangirl like me


we once dreamed of ballerinas

and singing on international stages

not knowing what was to come

or where fate would take us


with you leaving NCIS

and I graduating to adulthood

we both have our goodbyes to say

new journeys to begin


In watching you leave

a million hearts shattered

but pieces of our hearts will stay with you

like paper clips bind paper


as the tears fall

like emotion enhanced raindrops

I think back to one

final scene of NCIS

and the list of things

your character aspired toward

in her childhood


just like her

I’m making my I Will

inspired by you


I dedicate my drive for knowledge

in history and language

and every single choir concert and play

to you


you may never know me

and I’ll never know you

but I wish to send my love to you

where ever you go


what ever you do

you are extraordinary

in a world full of ordinary

I’m glad you came to the show

and I hope one day you return


but until then

much love and luck to you