‘twas a year ago

Give or take a week

Or perhaps two

I first laid eyes on you


You were so nice

Seemed so caring

Almost perfect even

Or at least I thought so


It didn’t take long

Until you fell for me

Not too long before

I began to fall for you, too


We would spend nights

Doing our homework,

Carving pumpkins,

And falling in love


You made me feel safe

For the first time

I wasn’t alone

Someone understood


I told you things

My hopes and dreams

And I believed in you

When you said you loved me


I gave you everything

My body, my heart

And I thought

I saw your soul


I went away

For the holidays

When I returned in the new year

You were gone


How could I know

That one fateful night

Just how fake it all was

How deep your hatred went


You blamed me

For things I never did

If that’s false

I didn’t intend to lie


You were so mean

Seemed so different

Almost made me question

If you were the monster you described


A year has passed

We both moved on

And I’ll never know

How you felt on our anniversary


You broke my soul

Shattered my heart

I picked up the pieces

But I think you kept a few


Almost a year gone

Yet I replay it all

Stuck in my head

Against my will


I can see it all

Every passing hour

Our anniversary

draws closer


I don’t want to miss you

It destroys my mental health

Making hard to focus

I wish I didn’t feel this way


But I do.


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