Healing is Believing


I can feel again

but now it’s good

for the first time

in what seems like forever

It happened on Easter

or rather the day before

when I hit rock bottom

once again

but this time

I cried out for help

and I actually got it

I got used to

fighting my own fight

in total autonomy

but not this time

I have awoken

from the nightmare of the bast few months

I broke free of the chains binding me

and like Jesus Christ

I broke free

on Easter Sunday

I have started again

but I’m stronger now

even more a survivor

than before

Because I now know

there is something else with me

watching over me

guiding and protecting me

loving me unconditionally

God, Goddess, Allah, Buddha, Zeus

whatever you call it

the celestial force that surrounds us

must truly exist

and be a benevolent supreme being

because who else would be watching

a struggling first year

recovering from another heartbreak

and prove

through human mouthpieces

that there is someone here

whenever you fall

they will catch you

and get you back on your feet

stronger than ever before


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