Message in a Bottle – Dedicated to My Lost Lover

Every time my mind strays

as I wake up in the morning

gaze off during the day

and fall asleep at night

you’re on my mind

I know we’re over

and you probably hate me

because of something I said

or something I did

but what I’ll never know

I thought you were my forever

I thought that you really cared

I thought that I might love you

and now you’re no here

I still feel your arms around me

I still taste you on my tongue

you’re with me every second

I’m haunted but not scared.

For some twisted reason

perhaps to sustain the pain

I realize I still love you

I’ll always love you just the same

It used to make me anxious

to see you on the street

but now I think that anxiety

was from the secret that I keep

I know I need to let you go

I know that’s what you want

I know that it’s not healthy

to hold on to someone who’s already gone

Maybe I’m addicted

obsessed with all this pain

and still dreaming, hoping, wishing

you may come back again

In time I know we’ll have to talk

some things are unresolved

I never meant to push you out

if you asked me I would stay

I know you’ll never read this

you promised me you wouldn’t

yet I can’t help hoping

you’ll get curious and check

You’ll see that I still love you

you’ll see that I still care

you’ll see that I just want you back

but you would never dare.

I love you my dear Gabriel

please come back home to me

I hope you know I miss you

and that I always will


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