Playing games

with each other’s hearts

is what love is


We play around

wrestle and cuddle

talk and fight

cry and dream

Each of us

put up a front

pretending we’re ok

like this is natural

I can tell

you’re hiding something

deep inside those blue eyes

just like I

hide secrets behind

chocolate brown eyes.

I know you have your demons

I have a fair share myself

but I think that’s part of us

part of why we work

My heart is aching

seeing you suffer

I want to be there

to provide you comfort

please don’t push me away

I’m not scared of you

I’m scared of what I might do to you

Both of us unstable

both want to change

let’s change together

don’t be afraid of me

I’m not afraid of you

I know you aren’t perfect

and neither am I

I’m scared to cause you heartache

I’m scared to let you down

despite your flaws and demons

I need you around


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