Beautiful Monster

I can tell

you’re in pain

I see

you don’t think

you deserve me

What you missed

I missed too

we feel the same

me and you

I know you’re damaged

I’m damaged too

two war-torn bodies

in a place so new

You think you’re a monster

and maybe you are

you have your flaws

don’t you think I can see them?

You think you’re unworthy

that I’m too good for you

well baby here’s the thing

you’re too good for me too

The pain in my chest

that I feel when you’re hurting

proves only one thing

we’re connected, I’m learning

You’re pushing me away

hiding the darkness inside you

but babe I’m not running

I know the darkness too

You’re a beautiful monster

my dear, sweet boy

will you please stop running?

Will you let me love you?


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