Lost and Found

For so long

I was lost

Unsure of who I was

And who I’m becoming

I was empty

A body with no soul

I was alone

I tried so hard

To remember who I was

Changed so much

I couldn’t find my way back home

I was fighting

Trying to see through the rain

And shake off the shadows

A part of me was dead

Pieces of my past

Scattered all around

No hope to be found

Just when I thought the storm wouldn’t end

That I was lost

Forever stuck in this place

So dark and lonely

The sun broke through the clouds

As the rain slowed

And the sun turned the gray clouds silver

I found enough light

To find my path again

It was simple

An old song

A little sunshine

And the pieces came together

I finally remembered

Everything I was

All my hopes and dreams

Were always with me

It takes some time to heal

But I may come back

Even stronger than before

What I lost

Has finally been found

After all this time

I’m whole again

I can feel

I can breathe

My soul has been saved

And I can smile again

The storm has passed

And I survived

With my guardian angel

By my side

I’m not the same

As I was before

And doubt I ever will be

That is okay

Never forget

The storm will pass

What you lost

Returns with love in time

I found my peace

And I feel reborn

Ready for a fresh start

Knowing I can handle anything

With a little faith

It will be okay

In the end


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