Sestina – Homework for AP Literature that I Love

The hills are alive with the sound of music

making children run and dance

keeping time with the beat of my heart

knowing this second the world is at peace

trees whisper in the forest

in their own secret language

In every nation and language

we are united by music

even the animals in the forest

contribute to the sacred dance

attempting to promote international peace

and encompass the will of the heart

there is a certain power in uniting millions under one heart

a certain joy of one universal language

covering us with a blanket of peace

enjoying different genres of music

each dancing a unique dance

melding together like different trees in a forest

People are just like the wildlife in the forest

with the seeds representing the heart

we grow tall and strong dancing life’s dance

though we all speak a different language

nothing else matters when it comes to music

giving us an everlasting sense of peace

One of the most naive hopes is peace

some search for it in the forest

but I have found it in music

which speaks directly to my heart

like a child’s secret language

often making me want to dance

The expression of the soul manifests through dance

evoking a sense of inner peace

sometime it’s wild and primal like an ancient language

or a bird of prey hunting in the forest

swooping down at the beat of a heart

silencing it’s victim’s squeal like tribal music

Like fairies, children dance in the forest

tendrils of peace extend from my heart

and my soul knows the universal language is simply music.


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