Analysis of Colors — Inspired by Taylor Swift

As obtuse as it may seem

we like to compare emotions

to colors of the rainbow


when we are down

we say we feel blue


yellow can be compared to exuberance

and high energy


red is the most notorious

it could be anger

lust or fiery passion

the most common of course

is love


love is shared by pink

which could also symbolize friendship

and springtime

or the birth of a baby girl


green can also represent spring and winter

some burn green candles when promoting good health

green can also be for luck and sometimes jealousy


Black is the darkest color of all emotionally

it commonly represents death

rebellion, anger, hate

and mourning

black can also the color of night and Mariana’s Trench


White is the color of innocence and virginity

it also symbolizes weddings

and spiritual awareness


very close to white is silver

the color of the Wicca Goddess

and the mystical full moon


Gold is silver’s brother

glittering like sunshine

the most precious color of them all

gold is a symbol of power and strength


purple is the color of royalty

the first color of cloth and a sign of wealth

it is also the color of spirit and love

through everything every day


color has significant significance

of our history

and our emotions

color is a way to express who we are

just like art


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