Words – Inspired by Taylor Swift

Words are the basis of our world

we use them to describe

what we do

what we think

and how we feel


words are so simple

we don’t realize

how much the words we say

affect the people around us


sometimes they can be

uplifting and kind

and encourage others

to respect themselves

and make the world a better place


on the other hand

words can be weapons

that can destroy someone

regardless of intention


people can be so cruel

regardless of age

words can still cut like knives

especially when they possess some element of truth


what hurts the most

is when someone you trust

stabs you in the back

in the name of truth and reality



we get our hopes up

thinking that when we’re older

all the mean people will go away

which is the biggest lie ever


with all the words

we could possibly choose to use

in any language

or conversation

at any time

some choose to be mean and vulgar


pop culture makes it okay

when they endorse celebrities

that are paper thin

and use the nastiest words on the planet


we dignify the mean girls and boys’with the way we respond

even if we don’t lash out

or break down and cry at that very moment

something in our eyes

gives them a sign that they hurt us

provides a fuel to keep them going


we’d like to believe

what doesn’t kill us

will only make us stronger

and that words will never hurt us

but this is rarely true

we never want to admit

that words hurt more than weapons

and physical pain ever could


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