Suddenly I get this feeling

Like a wave crashing over me

Kind of like foreboding

And something else I can’t describe

They say that it’s normal

Hormones I think it’s called

But I know it’s something more

Something’s up

But what I’m unaware.

I try to put my finger on it

I’ve googled it before

But nothing I can find

Is something that describes

Exactly what I’m feeling

Deep down inside

Sometimes things get dark

And my hands begin to shake

My breathing becomes shallow

And nothing really makes sense

It’s kind of like a movie

Except that it’s real life

Sounds and people become far away

And my mind just won’t focus

It’s something primal feeling

Sort of fight or flight

And when I get this feeling

I feel I need to run

I’m not sure where I need to go

Just that I must escape

Escape from what

I’m just not sure

just that I must do it fast

I feel the walls caving in

I know I need to leave

Trees are where I feel safe

High up in the sky

Where I can watch time

And the rest of the world

pass me by

I’m not sure why I have this feeling

Only that I do

There are others out there

Who also learn to cope

With their feelings just like mine

Or on a broader scope.

The only thing that comforts me

Is knowing I’m not alone

I hope that someone reading this

Will find that courage too

Because the only way we heal ourselves

Is by knowing who we are

This process takes awhile

But first we must accept

That all of these emotions

Are what makes us who we are


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