Artist Statements for My Portfolio

Great Depth of Field — Carter Mountain Assignment
Sitting in the parking lot at my dad’s office one Friday evening with my sister waiting for him to finish some paperwork I was listening to music and watching the sun set.  Glancing up I saw this view out my window and jumped out to take a couple of pictures. Since this was my favorite shot, I decided to post it to my Portfolio.  If I were to title it, it would be Sunset in the City.
Carter Mountain Trip — Story 5
Walking through the apple orchard, near the Granny Smiths I believe I noticed how the sun was shining through the apple trees on to this rock.  The second I saw it I fell tin love with it and took a picture.  The only  changes I made was to amp up the shadows by upping the exposure and burning the shadows in a bit.

Getting Close

A senior at my high school was in my photography class one day and I needed to get a close-up of some one.  I think this could be one of my best profile shots.


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